Osten/Mariangela Demurtas Interview 03/08

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Osten/Mariangela Demurtas Interview 03/08

Post by Talantless on Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:16 pm

Last March, during the March Metal Day festival in Athens, Greece, the fans had the chance to watch and enjoy the Norwegian band Tristania who presented their new female singer, Mariangela Demurtas. Together with Italy originated Mariangela and Osten Bergoy, the other, male vocalist of the band, we had a brief but compact interview and so we welcomed them to Greece and Mariangela yet to her new “duties”...

Solid Rock: Welcome to Greece! Mariangela, this is the tour that actually introduces you to the Tristania fans. Are you nervous about proving yourself and is this tour a personal bet for you?

tristania1.jpgMariangela: I am very excited but I am not so afraid or nervous. This is just what I wanted from life and it is just great.

Solid Rock: What was your experience before Tristania?

Mariangela: My experience was not so big. Actually, I had only played some gigs with some local bands in Italy but I ‘ve always had big ambitions.

Solid Rock: Osten, how did you end up with Mariangela?

Osten: We had announced on our website that we were searching for a singer and so we received a lot of demos from a lot of girls from all over the world. We ended up with the 5 more interesting and then we invited 3 girls for auditions. Mary (that’s Mariangela) was the right person after all.

Solid Rock: Tristania is a gothic metal band with death/doom influences, operatic choirs and a certain essence of atmosphere. Mary, is there anything new you would like to bring to the band’s sound?

Mariangela: My personality is gonna be enough. I will just try to take notice about the atmosphere that the band wants to express because it’s very important. After that I’ll try to give my interpretation of all this atmosphere.

Solid Rock: How does it feel to be about to perform in a country similar to your country, Italy, and in front of a crowd also similar to the italian fans, as far as the fans’ reactions are concerned?

Mariangela: I just enjoy it. Of course I don’t know how the audience will react, but I really feel ok here and I wanna have fun on stage. I just hope that they will appreciate it..

Solid Rock: Your style seems different from your predecessor’s. You are more “rocking” and aggressive... I think that is going to bring a new color to the band’s live performances, what do you think about that?

tristania2.jpgMariangela: Maybe some of my interpretation has been aggressive but I wouldn’t say that in general I am an aggressive singer or something. Our style yes, it;s different, she is a classical singer and I’m not.

Solid Rock: Osten, are there any plans for a new album soon? When are you going to enter the studio?

Osten: We haven’t set a date yet but we are already preparing the new songs. We’ll do a few gigs also during summer and then we will start recording the new album.

Solid Rock: Mariangela, are you going to contribute to the songwriting the new album?

Mariangela: I have many ideas and that’s gonna work mostly on the lyrics. I will contribute on the vocal lines, on both melody and lyrics.

Osten: I think that’s the “key”, that everybody contributes in some way. Mary is really talented and I have to say that she has worked on our old songs in her own way.

Solid Rock: The blog on myspace which announced your arrival to the band mentioned that you “are all about music and metal to the bone”. What does this really mean for you and which are your favorite bands?

Mariangela: I am a little bit wild maybe but we surely liked the expression “to the bone” and so we used it (laughters) on our blog.

Osten: Yeah, but you also have this attitude...
Solid Rock: Mary, would you like to name some of your major influences?

Mariangela: I have various influences and it’s not easy for me to make a list, it would be too long anyway. But only a few names should be Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, also I used to sing a lot of Tracy Chapman’s songs... My influences are all so different.

Solid Rock: What do you think about female vocals/singers of all these metal bands? Do you think it is just a trend or something that will last?tristania3.jpg

Mariangela: Everybody just wants to express themselves. You can’t tell to a girl that sings in such a band “you wanna sing just because everybody else is doing that”. But I don’t listen to such singers, of new metal and gothic bands, so I can’t judge them.

Osten: For us it’s not a big surprise, since we have been active for almost 10 years. I believe that especially the gothic metal scene introduced the female vocals in the late 90’s, although the big success came somewhere in 2002-2003.

Solid Rock: Thank you for this interview.

Mariangela & Osten: Our pleasure! We thank you!

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Re: Osten/Mariangela Demurtas Interview 03/08

Post by Lady Draconian on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:06 pm

An amazing and very interesting interview!!

Thanks for this Maurice!

Everything beautiful dies...

Thanks Ena.

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