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Post by Talantless on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:08 am

We’re so proud to let you read this exclusive interview to Mariangela Demurtas, new female voice of the band Tristania, ex singer of Alight and Reel Fiction, as well as beautiful Sardinian girl, wonderful singer and above all genial personality.

Miusika : Hi Mary, so first of all I’d like to congratulate on this new ravishing plan you’re working at, thank you for your kindness.

Mary : Hi thank you so much, so how’s going on?

Miusika : So fine thanks… what about you?

Mary : I’m a bit tired but it’s all fine.

Miusika : Let’s start from your origins in order to arrive to your new engagements…

Mary : Ok.. I’m from Bitti, a little town in the middle of Sardinia.

Miusika : If I’m not wrong you began to sing in a blues band… to be more precise… in Francesco Piu’s band, right?

Mary : Yes, exactly. When I moved to Sassari to attend University I decided to try and sing in a band.

Miusika : Are you a self-taught singer or have you trained as a singer?

Mary : I’m completely autodidact, I have trained in my bedroom!

Miusika : So cool… and what did you usually sing? Whose voice do you like the most?

Mary : I began to be interested in soul voices, such as Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill, who have been my inspiration. Janis Joplin has been the light that helped me personalizing my voice, and then I’ve started trying other genres out.

So we could say that you started from kinds of music hat are substantially different from rock in general… and metal in particular.

Mary : I don’t know about other people, but I know about me, and I think that if you want to find a certain uniqueness in your own voice, music should be inside you. For me the act of singing is never like…simply taking a microphone and sending out a sound!

Miusika : Yes, I totally agree with you, music has to be felt inside you, otherwise it hasn’t any sense. Do you know that, because of your Sardinian origins, you’ll be compared to Maria Carta and other Sardinian singers, such as Elena Ledda and Franca Masu?

Mary : Hahaha!!! Ok, I don’t mind, but I think that the accent of my town rocks more Smile) , I believe that any comparison is such a loss of time, and actually the wrong way to find something that doesn’t exist, since we can’t share the same cultural or musical background.

Miusika : But… comparisons are made by fans and “insiders” (who are often fans themselves), and according to this, you’ll be compared to Cristina Scabbia, in any way.

Mary : Mmh… I couldn’t care less!!

Miusika : Ahahahahahahahah!! You are Mariangela Demurtas, it’s so obvious that you want to be yourself and let other people understand who you really are, so you actually don’t want to imitate anyone…

Mary : Absolutely not !! ahahahahahahah!

Miusika : Eheheheheheheheh “sarda e abberu” ! (you’re really Sardinian!)

Miusika : Anyway.. I’m trying to challenge your susceptibility…..

Mary : Eheheheheheheheh no problem, really.

Miusika : Going back to comparisons.. you know that many Tristania’s fans are comparing you to the previous singer… and I have to say that the most acid criticism comes from… women!

Mary : Ahahahahahahahahahah they’re so sour!! So much the worse for them, it’s not me who tells them to do this. On the other hand these people don’t know me, so they talk haphazardly, and this is such a stupid kind of judging.
So you agree with me, don’t you? Ahahahahah yes.. I think it’s a narrow principle… Why shouldn’t an Italian singer perform in a Nord-European band?

Mary : Ahahahahahahah who said that that a Sardinian singer can’t do it? It almost seems like the opinion according to which black people can’t marry white people, because of their different skin colours. Then we find out that mixed races let the most beautiful creatures come out.

Miusika : I personally think that the sound of Tristania, especially in the last album, is more suitable to your voice than Vibeke Stene’s one, so I believe this question comes naturally: how are you combining yourself with the sound of Tristania, and how are your new friends adapting it to you?

Mary : They’re such lovely people! I’ve always been open-minded, I’ve always loved being open to other cultures, and I’ve never wanted to make just simple comparisons, I love new experiences and evolution. On my birthday the organised a party. It’s been such a lovely act from them and this reveals their love for me. In musical terms, they’re very satisfied with the results.

Miusika : Another question that many people would like to ask you : how was the union with Tristania born?
I just have sent them a demo. They contacted me after a few months for an audition and then they said : “ok you’re part of us!”

Miusika : Right, from Italy to Norway! If I’m not wrong you’re working at another plan, aren’t you?

Mary : Yes, I am… from Bolzano

Miusika : Alight, aren’t they?

Mary : Yes, exactly.

Miusika : could you please list some melting and breaking points?

Mary : Well.. breaking ones.. time and distance.. the melting point is dedication.

Miusika : Musically intended?

Mary : They’re totally different.

Miusika : You also have been part of Reel Fiction with whom you have had the opportunity of having important musical experiences, such as the meeting with Helloween’s guru, Sascha Gerstner.

Mary : Yes, it’s been a wonderful experience, but it was not the only. With Alight I got the chance to collaborate with Nell, the singer of Theatre of Tragedy, and I’ve been contacted from Rob Caggiano (member of Anthrax and producer) because I had to register some vocal parts in a project with other artists.

Miusika : Did you work at a gothic/metal plan?

Mary : No, it was completely different.

Miusika : Was it metal?

Mary : Rock

Miusika : When do you think that you’ll start a tour, and when will you com to Italy, in particular?

Mary : I think we’ll begin next year, we’re already fixing dates.

Miusika : Which bands inspire you now?

Mary : Bands?

Miusika : Yes… what do you like to listen to? Except your things, obviously.

Mary : I don’t know … I listen to many different things… from Scott Henderson, to Robber Ford, ACDC, Magnet, Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey… I really don’t know, it’s such a melting pot! Ahahahahahahah

Miusika : Smile) when will you delight us again with your voice in Italy?

Mary : Eheheheheheheh I hope I’ll be back soon.

Miusika : Do you write the lyrics of the songs you sing?

Mary : Not yet in Tristania , I haven’t done any songs with tem yet.

Miusika : What about Reel Fiction and Alight?

Mary : Yes, I see to those lyrics

Miusika : Only to lyrics or even musical parts?

Mary : Vocals are always my job.

Miusika : What inspires you when you write?

Mary : Personal experiences, in general.. and sensations.

Miusika : So nothing to do with the Myth of Cthulu or something like that!

Mary : Ahahahahahahahahahah no, I’m closer to what I read, like Romanticism or Decadent.. first of all Baudelaire, nothing to do with gothic, from the 80s or 00s.

Miusika : Not even bands of the 80s, such as Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Echo & the bunnymen?

Mary : Yes, maybe yes… but not that depressive!! Ahahahahahahahahahah

Miusika : Ahahahahahahahah ok. Will there be some new surprises? To be precise: will you still perform using “death-stylish” voices or not? I mean, death screaming often astonishes me, because many people can’t do it

Mary : We’ll do it.

Miusika : Then a typical Marzullo question : “ask yourself a question and answer it on your own”

Mary : Ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

Miusika : Huahaahaahhaaaaah

This chat continued for a while, we talked about considerations on living far from home, food and different cultures, laughing and having fun.

Thanks to Mariangela for this exclusive interview and… we can’t wait to appreciate her again, both live at concerts and in all her new albums with Tristania.

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