Let's celebrate the modern end...

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Let's celebrate the modern end... Empty Let's celebrate the modern end...

Post by Lucif on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:52 pm

Hello everyone!I'm glad I found this Tristania forum.Tristania has always been one of my favourite bands.Their music is pure talent and personally I'm a Vibeke Stene fanboy (LOL)
My name is Cosmin,I come from Romania,a beautiful country,which I'm proud of,but with stupid citizens -w-" Well,we can't have everything,can we? My favourite Tristania songs are My lost Lenore,Aphelion,Wormwood,Deadlands and others Smile
I usually spend my free time writing lyrics,drawing gothic outfits or spacing out with my weird friends Cool
So,nice to meet you,and if you have any questions,I will answer them.Sorry for my bad English ouo"

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